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Artist Statement

I paint to express and give form to my inner thoughts and experiences. The desire of humans to express these encounters has evolved over thousands of years and is embedded in our DNA. Through the process of painting a picture, I connect with my ancestors along with legions of men and women who have taken refuge in their creative skills. Along with a connection to people around the world, my work is a way for me to commemorate feelings and memories that are mine and those of others, and in doing so continue their legacy. My artworks are inspired by the laws of nature and forms found in the animal kingdom. Using these forms as a basis I work to represent in my art, not just the visible but also, the invisible.


Vincent Devine is a native of Co.Offaly Ireland and learned to paint at the age of 9.

He studied visual communications at Athlone Institute of Technology and graduated with an Honours Bachelor's Degree. He rediscovered his love for painting while finishing his undergraduate degree and from there began experimenting with acrylic on canvas. His oeuvre focuses on reconstructing tree forms while his portraiture reflects his love of the human anatomy and the unseen.



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