In 2018 Vincent had a sellout show of the Irish debut of his new Manifesto work to one of Ireland's most prominent collectors. This new work is an in-depth exploration into the visual implications of the subconscious mind through various exercises and visual depictions. Vincent seeks to find answers to the subconscious undertones that have always informed his work yet eludes understanding on a conscious plane. His new work will be explored under the umbrella term "Neo-Dimensionism" and seeks to visually explain the inexplicable, paint the unpaintable.

The Masters Collection seeks to reimagine some of Art Histories greatest contributors in a 21st century context. I believe by analysing these masters we can gain much more understanding of the “why” these artists were ahead of their time and able to earn the title Master. The series in part seeks to prove that art is one of the only ways to communicate the world at large and in this series I use the masters as the vessel to deliver these ideas.

More Neo-Dimensionism Works

Neo-Dimensionism | The Masters Collection

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